The Right Jiaogulan Tea Dosage for You

Jiaogulan, also known as Gynostemmapentaphyllum,
is a climbing vine that is native to China, Korea and Japan. It is a member of
the Cucurbitaceae plant family which also includes gourds, melons, cucumber and
pumpkin. Drinking Jiaogulan tea can prove to be very beneficial for a healthy
living. With proper Jiaogulan Tea dosage,
you will be able to feel lighter and more energetic. There are many more health
benefits credited to drinking Jiaogulan tea. Although there are no such
documented toxicity interactions, over dosage can lead to some health complications.

The herb is reported to contain powerful
adaptogenic and antioxidant properties that can increase your longevity. The
herb is so powerful that is often called as “the herb of immortality” by the
natives. The roots, stems and leaves of the plant are consumed for various
health benefits. While including this tea in your daily diet, you must always
consult a doctor for the right Jiaogulan
tea dosage; else you could develop some serious health problems. 

This article does all the hard work
for you and presents the several health benefits and side effects of drinking
this tea along with the right dosage (generic). This will help you decide on
the right amount to be consumed, best suited for your lifestyle. Let’s start
with the health benefits first. 

Adaptogenic Benefits 

The herb has long been used in traditional
Chinese medicines due to its adpatogenic benefits. Jiaogulan is the most powerful
adaptogen present in the market today. According to study carried out by Dr.
Tsunematsu Takemoto and his team, the herb was found to contain 82 saponins.
Saponins are the chemical source of adaptogenesis. 

The adaptogenic properties of this
herb benefit your brain to a larger extent. It has a biphasic effect on your
brain’s functioning. In other words, it helps you reduce stress and also promotes
homeostasis. Homeostasis is a condition where the body attains a state of
balance by regulating several internal processes. 

It may sound impossible, but this
herb is also aids both weight loss and weight gain. It helps an overweight person’s
body to process food efficiently, while it helps an underweight person absorb
the maximum amount of nutrients from their consumptions. Besides, it also
improves your immune system and endocrine system as well. The adaptogen properties
of this “immortal herbs” regulate blood pressure. This in turn improves the
endurance and stamina. It also helps fight HIV virus. 

Antioxidant Characteristics

Also known as “miracle tea”,
Jiaogulan is rich in some vital amino acids, vitamins and minerals such as iron,
phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium and selenium. The chemical
compounds present in Jiaogulan, gypenosides, enhances the functions of
phagocytes and invades pathogens. Phagocytes are specialized white blood cells
(WBC) that perform the task of digesting cellular waste products. 

Cholesterol Supervision

Medical studies have shown that Jiaogulan
tea lowers LDL cholesterol or bad cholesterol and raises HDL cholesterol or
good cholesterol levels. It has also been found to lower the blood sugar levels
and enhance insulin sensitivity. It also has beneficial effects on cardiovascular
systems, lowering the risks of hear related problems. 

Side Effects

As mentioned earlier, the Jiaogulan
tea has no recorded side effects of its own. However, over dosage can create
some health complications. Some of the adverse effects of consuming this herb
on large quantities can be/lead to:

Nausea and Upset Bowels

Birth defects

It may trigger bleeding if consumed alongside blood-thinning
medicines like aspirin 

Reverses or reduces the effect of immunosuppressants



It is always recommended to consult
a doctor before consuming Jiaogulan tea. Incorrect or inappropriate Jiaogulan tea dosage can lead to health
problems if you are on a different medication from before. The herb is commonly
consumed as tea. However, you can also consume it in forms of extract pills and
capsules. You can easily get it from your nearby medical pharmacies, alternative
or natural food stores and online stores. 

For adults, a starter dosage could
vary from 75 to 225 mg consumed 2 to 3 times a day, for four months in
combination with a controlled diet for fatty liver. However, there is no proven
safe dosage for children younger than 18 years. The herb is not at all
recommended for pregnant women as it can cause birth defects. Women
breastfeeding their children should also avoid this miracle herb. 

3 Things To Know about Adderall among College Students

Anyone who has gone to college knows that college is extremely competitive and strenuous.

Around finals time, students find themselves scrambling subject after subject only to end up with less sleep and more stress.

To counteract the high amounts of stress in a time efficient manner, more and more college students are turning towards the performance enhancing drug Adderall.

If you are curious about Adderall , here are 3 things to know about it and it’s relationship between college students.
students photo: students students.jpg
1) Laser Focus is Needed

Students in the college level crave to stay focused and deter away from common distractions such as social media or the cellphone.

Coffee and other ways of getting caffeine can interrupt their diet and end up crashing, leaving them worse off than before.

Adderall to college students is a quick and almost magical way to study for the big test coming up, without the crash.

2) College Students Think That It Is Used For A Good Reason

To college students, Adderall is a drug to keep up with the competition and to stay focused.

Many believe that it is not dangerous at all to take a cognitive nootropic for adhd mainly because it is a prescription drug.

Sadly, many college students do not realize that Adderall is under the same category and has a lot of the same effects as methamphetamine.

3) Adderall looks ideal in today’s wave of college students

Today’s college students are used to the constant innovations that are meant to make everything and anything faster around them.

They are the generation where they can instantly access any kind of information within a 30 second time window with just a few taps on their phone.

Adderall is fast, it is easy, it is almost like it was specifically tailored for students to take so they can focus quickly and easily.

The new raving drug among college students is a drug that many believe to be a good drug to take because of the college competition.

Although effective, the drawbacks of the drug are similar to one that is taking drugs like cocaine and morphine.